Betts is an Authorized Service Center for Daiwa and Shimano reels, and we are a Warranty center for Penn Reels.  We repair most reels on-site, unless there is a specific reason to send them back to the factory for service.  Warranty repairs require a dated sales receipt.

Please note that ALL repairs are subject to availability of parts.  We will give you our best estimate on cost.  The ONLY time we require fees up front is for "Estimate Only", or if we believe the  cost of repair exceeds the value of the reel.

Betts  has been building and repairing rods for over 60 years.  We can repair MOST rods, and will let you know if we believe the rod is not worth repairing.  Tips can be replaced while you wait -  Depending on the type of tip the cost can be anywhere from $4-$10.  Specialty tops and guides are higher.   

All rod guides are replaced by replacing the damaged guide, and wrapping a new one on with rod building thread.  The threads are then epoxied to preserve the repair.  Sorry- we cannot glue inserts back into just doesn't work!